Bullying/Conflict Resolution


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Answer Your Questions about Bullying  and Conflict Resolution

Stop Bullying Now  

Elementary Students Includes videos and information geared for elementary students
Teens Includes videos and information specifically for teenagers
Young Adults Information and materials specifically for young adults
Parents Information, videos and materials specifically to help parents recognize and deal with bullying
Educators Information, videos and materials  to help educators recognize, deal with, and report bullying
Community Information, videos and materials  for the use of entire communities to coordinate action plans to prevent and deal with bullying

Online Courses

ABCs of Bullying For Adults, Educators and Parents - Free, easy to use  and self paced
Healthy Relationships From Saskatoon School Division (Canada) Real ideas for handling difficult social situations. Cute and easy to use. Appropriate for elementary Students
Bullying and Cyber Bullying Appropriate for all adults and educators

Useful Links

Don't Laugh at Me Anti-Bullying/Critical Thinking Program (Free!)
Safe Youth Violence Prevention Resources
BBC Anti Bullying Website Ideas preventing and combating Bullying
What is Bullying? Explains various actions that make up bullying
Why Do Kids Bully? Explains reasons for bullying
Effects of Bullying Explains effects on the bully and the victims
What Can You Do? Explains what to do if you are a victim, see bullying or are the bully.
Activities and Games Help students understand what they can do and how others feel

Educators Links

Teaching Tolerance Explore Prejudices
No Bully Provides answers to such questions as  Why do some people bully?, and Why are some young people bullied?
School Issues: Bullying Interventions From Education World
Stop Bullying Before it Starts Demonstrates both good and inappropriate solutions
Do Interventions Work? A comprehensive 66 page document that explains intervention techniques for primary schools and expected results. (From Australia's Attorney General's office)
Countering Bullies in School Ideas for countering Bullies and a great "Staff questionnaire that allows you to evaluate your attitudes
Introduction to Bullying Where does it happen? What happens to victim and bully?
What is Bullying? A Definition Explanation of what constitutes bullying 
Learning Peace by Naomi Drew Learn to use your power to create more peace in your schools, homes and communities. (Great Resource)
Character Education Where to start implementing character education