Academy Workshops

Workshop Description
Evaluating Websites Learn to evaluate what you find on the web in a fun entertaining way
Smartboard Learning and Resources Smartboard Tutorials and Learning Objects
Creating  Effective  Professional  Learning  Communities  
Portfolio Assessment Making and Using Electronic Portfolios
Searching Skills Learn about the "Invisible Web"
Technology  8.1 Online course
Special Needs Students Lessons and ideas for diverse students
Gifted Students Lessons and ideas for gifted students
Differentiated Instruction Adapting lessons for your diverse students
Running Records Presented by Sandy Danziger and Donna Atkinson
Readers Theater Resources for using readers theater in your classroom
 Using Physical Activities to Enhance Your Lessons Resources to bring physical activities into lessons
Using the Invisible Web Best specialized searching tools

World Language Resources

Various Resources for World Language Study
Proofreading, Revising & Editing Some fun, Some Challenging

Inspiration Overview

Useful graphic organizer

Digital Camera Math

Using Digital Camera in the Classroom

Using Calculators

Great Lesson plans and ideas
Multi-Cultural Lessons Good Lessons
Language Arts Internet  Resources  for  NJ Educators Varied group of resources
Mathematics Internet  Resources  for  NJ Educators Math Resources
Differentiated Instruction Workshop Materials Varied resources


Workshop Description
Interactive Persuasive Writing Resources Great Interactive resources
Interactive Poetry  Great interactive Resources
Kidspiration Overview K - 3 graphic organizer
Social Studies Resources Various resources
Project Based Learning Active, engaging lessons
Technology Resources Various resources
Dodge Foundation Website Link to Grant Opportunities
Podcasting Information and Resources Useful ideas and sites
GPS In the Classroom GPS Lessons and ideas
Educational Uses of PDAs You've got it so take advantage
Interactive Reading/Language Arts Tests Make testing fun!!
Multi-Cultural Lessons Ideas and Plans
Technology in Education Ideas, plans and resources
Evaluating Websites What you should know before you surf
Technology Resources Links to various resources
Grant Writing Mistakes  (PowerPoint) Helpful PowerPoint show
Making Books Helping students make books from their writing
Mrs. Atkinson's Reading Room Ideas, plans and resources to meet the needs of K-2 students