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General Internet Safety

CIESE - Internet Safety
Learn about Internet Safety
Kid Safety on the Internet
Internet Safety Game
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Technology Sites

General  Portfolio Assessment
Edutopia Online  Mrs Silverman's Class Page (Grade2)
Digital Edge Learning Interchange  Electronic Portfolios (Worcester)
Computer Hope  Creating Electronic Portfolios with HyperStudio
The Journal of Technology Rich learning  Electronic Portfolios in the K-12 Classroom
Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology  Dr. Helen Barrett's Electronic Portfolio Bookmarks
Best Practices of Technology Integration   Electronic Learner Portfolios (secondary)
Active Learning with Technology Clip Art

Electric Teacher

 Clip Art of Everything
From Now On   Discovery Channels Clip Art Gallery
Learning with Technology Profile Tool  Country Clipart by Lisa
Integrating Technology in the Classroom  Teachnet Clip Art
ISTE Curriculum Integration  Microsoft® Design Gallery
Intel Innovation in Education  Kids Domain Clip Art
Internet4Classrooms   Free Educational Clipart

Middle School Technology Integration Strategies

Teaching Through Technology   
Educational CyberPlayGround  



Digital Camera & Photography & Digital Movies  &  Multimedia

1001 Uses for a Digital Camera Clip Art Connection 
Digital Kids Club The Week in Pictures 

 Using Digital Cameras for Classroom Projects

Video & PowerPoint

Click! Using a Digital Camera in the Classroom

Mamma (Search Video) 
Quick! Get the Digital Camera

Alta Vista 

Technology Lesson Plans (Sun Associates) Lycos Multimedia 

Going Digital in the Classroom

Digital Kids Club

Kodak Lesson Plans

IrfanView Freeware

Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Digital Cameras in the Classroom

Kodak Lesson Plans
Digital Cameras in the Classroom The Language of Light
National Geographic Today: Get the Picture Photo-Eye
Masters of Photography PhotoAlley
Magnum Photographer Portfolios Kodak Easyshare Freeware
Life Magazine Online Pictures of the Week
Pics 4 Learning Pinhole Photography
       Photography Tips Smithsonian Photographic Services
  Short Course in Digital Photography WTC/Watching the Changes
Outside My Window Understanding resolution
 Top Five Reasons to go Digital Exposure Sim C
Classroom Clipart - K-12 Picture Database    The Amazing Picture Machine
Black & white memory book page Kodak Essays
    Attack of the 50 foot Chicken Kodak Guide to Better Pictures
American Photography: A Century of Images  ImageBlender Self Study
 How to Take Better Pictures Google Images Digital Photography Center


Technology Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans from Intel